Hello! My name is Matti Jokitulppo and I'm a programmer currently stationed in Espoo, Finland. I'm currently getting my Master's degree in Computer Science at Aalto University and working at Reaktor as a developer. This is my website! Anyways, here's my resume, and down there you can look at some of the projects I've made, view the source code and all that good stuff. If you'd like to see more, take a look at my GitHub profile.


Ach So!

Ach So! is a mobile app for Android and iOS for annotating videos for workplace learning I worked on during my work at Aalto University, as a part of the Learning Layers EU project.

The backend is a Ruby on Rails app, completed with some microservices written in Python and Go.

Technologies: Java Android/iOS Swift Ruby on Rails Go Python Docker


SoAR! is a mobile video call application for workplace communication and collaboration. It consists of a one-to-one video stream with a bi-directional drawing layer for enchanced communication.

Technologies: Node.js WebRTC Ionic Socket.IO PostgreSQL Angular

Software Project

A simple top-down puzzle game about firemen in wheelchairs in volcanoes. Made together with Jonah Ahvonen.

The game is made in C++ using the SFML game development framework, and the back-end is a PHP app

Technologies: C++ SFML PHP

Topdown Game

A top-down bullet hell action game in the vein of Ikaruga and Tapan Kaikki. Made together with Iiro Surakka. Can you tell I'm not good at naming things?

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4 3ds Max


At my internship, I worked on a modern, open-source brainstorming tool called Contriboard. It's basically a big board you can attach tickets to.

The front-end is a React/Flux single page application, and the backend is an Express.js/MongoDB REST API and a seperate Socket.IO microservice.

Technologies: Node.js MongoDB React SASS Socket.IO

Arduino Robot

As my thesis at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, I made a robot! It's controlled via an Android app through Bluetooth LE and an Arduino microcontroller.

It also has a lot of neat lights, a Raspberry Pi with webcam streaming live footage to the app, and it talks too!

Technologies: C++ Java Android Arduino


A multi-platform mobile application for companies to receive feedback about their services, developed with Phonegap and jQuery.

The backend is a MySQL database interfaced via a PHP REST API, made with Slim framework

Technologies: Phonegap LESS PHP JavaScript Node.js

Jaxber Webclient

Administrative interface for Jaxber, developed with Node.js / Express / Handlebars / Sass / jQuery.

Technologies: Node.js Sass jQuery JavaScript Docker


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